Meet the rafter square family

Introducing two new sizes. Small – the one that fits in your pocket. Large – use it when working with rafters and as a saw guide.

Designed for optimal accuracy. After the success with our medium sized rafter square, we're now introducing two new sizes – small and large. The Rafter square is an extremely versatile tool for all craftsmen. 

You can use it for precise 45° and 90° markings. It can also be used as a protractor, for easily measuring and marking other angles. In addition, its thick and robust edge is useful as a guide when working with power saws, for 45° and 90° cuts, and with a bit of skill or a clamp for other angles as well. 

It also features scribing notches that can be used to offset lines along an edge, either by drawing with a pen or when working with plasterboards, by cutting directly with a knife.

And of course, the medium and large version has the original scales for cutting hip, valley and jack rafters.

Our rafter square is now available in three different sizes. Small, Medium and Large.

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