Saw guide – Choose the right saw

Hultafors offers a complete range of saws, including handsaws, bow saws, hacksaws and various special saws. To find the right saw for your intended use, consult the quick guide below.


Our handsaws, or fox tail saws as they are also called, ensure you will get the job done and are a reliable choice for all-round cutting as well as precision work.

Our different models are customized depending on how frequently they are used and for what tasks. They are all made in durable material and with the professional user’s efficiency in mind.

Handsaw HBX

Looking for a handsaw that offers the highest possible precision and efficiency? Then look no further. This professional-grade handsaw is developed for the modern craftsman who uses the saw several times per day. Teeth with 3-phase grinding ensure efficiency, good bite and straight cuts without chipping. Rubber-covered handle ensures great grip even in wet conditions and when your hands get sweaty from hard work.

Handsaw HBS

HBS Handsaw is an ergonomic all-purpose saw that can handle most cutting assignments – a saw that you know will get the job done. A high-quality, no-nonsense tool just waiting for your command. Comes with fiberglass-reinforced handle, rubber grip and durable blade protection.

Handsaw HBB

HBB Handsaw is a great tool for those who use a saw only on rare occasions. This sturdy standard saw is also perfect to use when cutting through rough materials, such as walls with nails in them etc. The saw comes with everything you need for everyday use, such as ergonomic handle, 0.8mm thick blade, 2-phase grinding and blade protector.

Toolbox saw HBX

HBX Toolbox Saw is a professional hand saw that give you optimized mobility without compromising with precision or efficiency. Fits perfectly in your toolbox. Comes with ergonomic handle and quick-release blade protection.

Toolbox saw HBB

Ergonomic handle and hardened 0.8 mm thick C75 steel blade with 2-phase grinding ensure that this compact all-round saw provides great grip, precision and durability.

Veneer saw HBX

Professional-grade veneer saw for precision cutting and flooring. Unique 3-phase grinding combined with ergonomic rubber-grip handle ensure optimal efficiency. Quick-release blade protection.

Veneer saw HBB

Standard veneer saw that features a radius-shaped tip teeth that enables start in the middle of a board. Steel blade with anti-rust protection for precision and long service life.

Tenon saw HBX

When you need truly straight cuts, for example when making furniture or cutting baseboards, this professional-grade tenon saw is the best you can find. Comes with aluminum-reinforced profile, unique 3-phase grinding, ergonomic handle as well as robust quick-release blade protection.

Tenon saw HBB

A tool that doesn’t compromise on quality and performance, HBB Tenon Saw features aluminum-reinforced profile as well as 0.8 mm thick steel blade and 2-phase grinding.

Bow saws

Our range of bow saws includes saws for cutting outdoors as well as on construction sites.

The smaller bow saws can also be used with hack saw blades. What they all have in common is the ergonomic design with knuckle protection and efficient blade.

Bow saw BSL-12

BSL-12 is a handy bow saw and a perfect tool for smaller assignments and when space is limited. 12”. Can be used with a hacksaw blade.

Bow saw BSL-21

This sturdy tool is made of high-quality steel and features a blade with hardened teeth for efficient cutting in both dry and fresh wood. 21”.

Bow saw BSL-24

No matter if you hit the woods or get down to business at the construction site, BSL 24 Bow Saw delivers the power and precision you need. 24”.

Bow saw BSL-30

Our largest bow saw is the perfect choice for demanding assignments. Comes with ergonomic handle and knuckle protection for safe and secure use. 30”.

Hack saws

Our hack saws are the perfect choice when you need to do precision work.

All our hack saws come in handy sizes, from pocket size up to 12 inch. Thanks to high blade tension they all deliver precision cuts, never compromising with efficiency.

Hack saw HMM-6

HMM Hacksaw is a very flexible and mobile saw that doesn’t compromise with ergonomics or efficiency. When access and freedom of movement are of essence, this is the right choice.

Hack saw HMW-6

Designed for occasional tasks, HMW-6 features a wire frame and is our smallest hacksaw. This nimble tool fits perfectly in your pocket, ready to assist you when the need arises.

Hack saw HMX-12

This pro-level hacksaw comes with a solid cast aluminum frame that enables an exceptionally high blade tension, which minimizes blade vibrations and ensures maximum precision cuts.

Hack saw HMS-12

HMS-12 Hacksaw features a steel frame designed to promote mobility and minimize weight, without compromising the saw’s very high blade tension. Ergonomic handle with rubber grip.

Special saws

Our range of special saws include saws for smaller jobs, like the jab saw and pull saw, as well as for the really tough tasks, such as cutting stone-based material. Whatever the challenge is, we have a saw for the job.

Jab saw JS

Jab saw mainly designed to make cuts in plasterboards but that can also be used as a small versatile saw in the garden or forest. Comes with a robust holster for extra mobility and safety.

Pull saw PSX

A traditional Ryoba saw with a wooden handle for a traditional look. Its thin blade provides high flexibility and precision for perfect cuts when making furniture etc. Features two different sets of teeth to cut both along and across wood fibers – rip-cut and cross-cut.

Concrete saw HC

A saw for porous material that will last long since it has carbide tip on all 34 teeth. Comes with a timeless, easy-to-clean wooden handle.

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