Level up with HV and PV

For professional craftsmen a great spirit level is a vital tool for a job well done. A workhorse you need to rely on to make sure you deliver high quality work.

Precision tools for professional users

Hultafors HV and PV are two series of spirit levels for professional use. Both excellent choices that might look similar at first glance in their black powder coating.

Clear easy reading

Both feature crush-proof block vials for horizontal and vertical leveling. Each vial has a magnifying lens and a luminescent reflector that makes taking a reading easier in dim light conditions. The PV-series feature Focus Vials, recognized on the green colour marking.

The liquid in the vial is a low viscosity coloured oil mixture that gives the bubble optimal freedom of movement. The anti-static properties of the liquid means that the bubble is not affected by static electricity. It is also highly resistant to ultraviolet light and temperature fluctuations.

Different profile shape

But there are differences as well as similarities. Removing the shock-absorbing end-caps it is easy to see the difference in profile shape. Hultafors HV has a timeglass profile for an easy grip, while PV has a box profile for extra strength and sturdiness.

Both feature shock absorbing end protectors, which on Hultafors PV adds a smart anti-slip function.

Sensitivity for efficient work

Both Hultafors HV and PV have a sensitivity of 10 mm/m, which equals a 200 mm radius. The professional standard sensitivity rate which gives you a spirit level that is fast and easy to work with, while still being precise enough for most tasks.

Low tolerance

The quality and precision offered by Hultafors HV and PV is further demonstrated in the low tolerance value. Both have a tolerance of ±0.5 mm/m in normal position. Measuring upside down HV has a tolerance of ±0.75 mm/m, whereas PV is even lower, ±0.5 mm/m.

Hultafors HV and PV-series of spirit levels are available in many different sizes. No matter which one you choose, you can count on a great tool.

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