Ergonomics and safety

Sawing by hand is a skill not everyone possess. We have put together a simple guide for how to use your saw in the most safe, efficient and above all ergonomic way.

Ergonomic cuts

Sawing by hand is a skill. To saw as efficient and safe as possible you need to think about a few things. Here is a simple guide on how to improve your cutting. And you know what – following these tips will not only ensure your performance, it will put less strain on your body as well.

Keep a soft grip

Keep a soft, yet firm grip around the handle. Not only will it save your strength and ease the strain on your hand, it will enable you to saw for a longer amount of time.

Let the saw do the job

Be smooth and let the saw do the job. To try to provoke the saw is actually contra productive and make you less efficient. Instead you should focus on steering the saw and let the grinding do the job.

Use the saw's weight

Take advantage of the saw's own weight as vertical load/pressure, it's often enough for a good result.

Change the angle

If you still feel that each stroke should give more result, try to adjust the angle of the blade making sure it is in line with the cut you want to make. It can also help changing the approaching angle, for example starting with a sharper angle and then level the saw when you are almost finished with the cut.

Fox tail saw vs. Hand saw

Did you know? The most common handsaw, with a handle and the long tapered blade is sometimes called fox tail saw due to its shape

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