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Hultafors - Ireland

The unique marking measures from Hultafors have facilitated work for craftsmen for decades. With our latest range of TALMETER marking measures we extend the range of possibilities still further.


Talmeter in handWhat makes the TALMETER marking measure so special is the fact that you can take a measurement and then mark it right onto your work-piece. Without even reading off the scale to verify the length. Thanks to the combined measuring and marking edges and a firm brake you can keep your set measurement and securely transfer it to any object. Over and over again.

Furthermore, it is equally simple to take both internal and external measurements, trace arcs and – depending on model – even diameters and circumferences. So go ahead, take your measuring further with a TALMETER marking measure from Hultafors.


Used to traditional measuring tapes or folding rules? If so, the Hultafors TALMETER 2m/3m will revolutionize your work, facilitating measuring and marking in a range of situations.

Picture this: with a marking measure at hand you can measure and mark without reading of the scale, take internal measurements just as easily as external ones, trace perfect arcs, and even measure diameters and exact circumferences. All with just one tool. Too good to be true? Not at all. TALMETER marking measures from Hultafors are designed to facilitate your work. For real.


The Hultafors TALMETER 6m allows you to take easy measuring and marking even further. You can measure and mark without reading of the scale, take internal and external measurements and trace perfect arcs. In addition, the hard-wearing steel blade is perfectly curved to stay true, even when taking longer measurements.

It also features a horizontal scale on the reverse side for easier reading when taking vertical measurements. Furthermore, you have a brake with auto-lock function and a convenient belt clip to ensure that you always have your TALMETER at hand, just when you need it.

Published 20 May 2011.

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