Reliable spirit level in a compact design

Hultafors - Ireland

Hultafors is now launching two pocket spirit levels offering reliable measuring in a compact design.

Hultafors pocket spirit level MPL and MPL Magnetic fits in any pocket making them the perfect companions for everyday work.

Reliable measuring in a compact design

Hultafors pocket spirit levels are reliable spirit levels in a compact design. They feature a crush-proof focus vial with a +60% magnifying effect and a luminescent reflector for better readability in dim light conditions.

MPL Magnetic – for easy measuring on flat and curved surfaces

Hultafors pocket spirit level MPL Magnetic features a magnet for easy measuring on both flat and curved surfaces as well as horizontal and vertical measuring. This makes it the perfect choice for measurement on pipes, beams etc.

Fits in any pocket

The compact design of the spirit levels means they fit in any pocket and can always be kept close to hand.

Published 26 September 2018.

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