New design, more ergonomic.

Hultafors - Ireland


The STFS non-rebound hammer has received a facelift and at the same time, the steel shaft has been provided with an ergonomic handle in Santoprene.

Hultafors launces STFS non-rebound hammer.The damping steel balls in the hammer head give good control when striking. The hammer which comes in four sizes, 30-60 mm is gentle on the workpiece thanks to the replaceble nylon strikers with a hardness of 70 shore.

The strikers are available as spare parts.

NOTE! Reference numbers does not change.


Hultafors launches new non-rebound hammer stfsHammer with striking head filled with damping steel balls. The head has replaceable nylon strikers (hardness 70 shore) that are gentle on workpieces. Steel shaft with ergonomic Santoprene rubber handle.

  • The head is filled with steel balls that dampen vibrations and reduce recoil.
  • Replaceable nylon strikers (hardness 70 shore) that are gentle on workpieces (available as spares).
  • Steel shaft with ergonomic handle in Santoprene rubber.

Published 15 October 2014.

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