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Try our new SL tape measures and you'll notice it right away: precision comes in an extremely handy package. The slim highimpact case combines hardwearing reliability with ease of use and it fits perfectly in your pocket.

Hultafors new SL tape measures

The first thing that you are likely to notice when trying out the all-new SL short tapes by Hultafors is the fact that you don't. Notice them, that is. The slim model, enclosed in a heavy-duty ABS plastic case, has been designed specifically to fit any pocket. And by doing so they are easy to take along for any job, thus being at hand whenever needed.

Pull the steel tape and you'll feel the high-quality precision mechanism hidden inside. The blade runs smoothly and silently with a gentle return action. The distinct brake stops all blade movement for increased accuracy.

And the bump stop features an anti-wear function for enhanced durability. Add the smart metal strap for safer work at heights and the picture is clear: you'll never measure like you used to.

"Simply put: This is precision in an extremely handy package, a reliable companion that is always by your side. Or use the metal strap to attach it to your belt and you are set for any challenge," says Håkan Carlsson.


Slim model with a high impact case made of ABS plastic. Yellow, wear resistant blade graduated using inkjet print. Smooth blade return action and bump stop with anti-wear function.

  • Type approved as per EU Class I.
  • Metal hole hanger for strap enabling safe work at heights.
  • Strong stainless steel end-hook with reinforcement plate.
  • Distinct brake causing no blade movement.
  • The blade can be replaced and is available as a spare.

Published 15 October 2014.

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