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Hultafors - Ireland


With our new sturdy PR tape measures, you get a new dimension in reliable precision and ease of use. The hardwearing tapes feature high-impact cases of ergonomic design with a rubber-coated button and brake pad for optimum grip.

In fact, the 3-metre version is by far the toughest tape on the market.

Hultafors short tapes PRPull the steel tape and you'll feel the high-quality precision mechanism hidden inside. The blade runs smoothly and silently with a gentle return action. The distinct brake stops all blade movement for increased accuracy.

And the bump stop features an anti-wear function for enhanced durability. Add the smart metal strap for safer work at heights and the picture is clear: you'll never measure like you used to.

The new PR short tapes come in three different lengths and offer a new dimension of sturdiness, precision and ease of use. Wrapped in the most resilient casing ever, they are specifically crafted to stand their ground against even the toughest treatment.

The ergonomic design includes a rubber-coated button and break pad, made to cling to the hand as the steel tape is pulled. This is when the high-quality precision mechanism comes into play:

"The wear resistant blade, graduated with a high-precision inkjet print, runs smoothly and comes back with a gentle return action. All movement is muffled with an effective noise washer and, when pushed, the brake-stop instantly pause everything to deliver the most accurate reading possible.

Add a metal hole-hanger for strap to that, enabling safe work at high altitudes, and you have a tool ready for any challenge," says Håkan Carlsson, Product Manager at Hultafors Group.


Tough tape with ergonomic grip, rubber coated button and brake pad area, with a high impact case made of ABS plastic. Yellow, wear resistant blade graduated using highly accurate inkjet print. Smooth blade return action and bump stop with anti-wear function.

  • Type approved as per EU Class I.
  • Metal hole hanger for strap enabling safe work at heights.
  • Strong stainless steel end-hook with reinforcement plate.
  • Distinct brake causing no blade movement.
  • The blade can be replaced and is available as a spare.

Published 15 October 2014.

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