New unique long tape for professionals

Hultafors - Ireland

Hultafors' new long tape SY is developed with focus on ergonomic design. It has an ergonomic handle and smooth rewind, integral ground spike housed in the handle, and distinct buttons. As a result thereof it is easy to use and offers a high degree of precision.

Imagecaption=Right AND left handed rewind handles. Imagecaption=Integral ground spike.
Imagecaption=Triple action end-hook.

Imagecaption=Press button blade lock.

Imagecaption=High performance rewind.

Imagecaption=Advanced blade feed.

Hultafors red lineLONG TAPE SY

Heavy duty, high specification open frame tape designed for the professional user. Yellow, impact resistant steel tape measure, 13 mm blade width. The tape also has a thick nylon coated for additional durability, type approved as per EU class I.

Impact resistant ABS frame with rubber over mould protection. Easy clean blade feed with side flush apertures. Scaled diameter blade drum for balanced rewind speed. Press button firm blade lock with simple lock release.353501 Surveyor SY 50B

  • Right and left hand flip-out ergonomic rewind handle and low friction action for smooth rewind.
  • Integral ground spike for end-hook anchoring.
  • Corrosion resistant triple action end-hook.
  • Rubber grip top handle and lower base grip.
  • Press button firm blade lock with simple lock release.

Published 15 February 2012.

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