Hultafors updates quick clamps

Hultafors - Ireland

Now Hultafors updates its quick clamps, with improved durability and function.

"Throughout the development of our quick clamps, the goal has been to produce products that are easy to use, stable and deliver reliable clamping force," says Per Eriksson, Product Manager at Hultafors.

For quick support when needed

Professional craftsmen know what a difference it means to really be able to trust their tools. This is especially the case for clamps which are often used to hold or stabilize a work project quickly.

"When we asked professional craftsmen about quick clamps, the replies are usually that it should be easy to get them in place and that they should have enough power to do a good job. Therefore, we have prioritized a compact, ergonomic design and durable material over maximum clamping force. This makes the QCX and QC quick clamps user-friendly and efficient, while delivering enough clamping power to perform," says Per.

The quick clamps were launched for the first time in 2015 and now an improved version has been launched.

Ergonomic and robust design

A compact and user-friendly design with one-hand grip allows you to work quickly and efficiently as well as being able to access narrow spaces. The clamp has a steel rail forged in one piece that makes it robust and durable. The housing is made of robust nylon reinforced with glass fibre.

“Our new quick clamps QC and QCX have a reinforced house and an updated design. The clamping force is maintained in a much better way than previous versions. However, it is important to point out that quick clamps should not be used when gluing material because the clamping force decreases slightly. For those types of jobs, choose one of our screw clamps instead," says Per.

The new quick clamps replace the current ones and will be available from October 2018.

Published 26 September 2018.

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