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Professional craftsmen know what a difference it makes when they are truly able to rely on their tools. This is especially true for clamps, which often have to be put into place quickly to hold together, support or stabilise a project.

 This is exactly what Hultafors' new range of quick clamps and screw clamps are for. "What distinguishes our new clamps is that they are easy to work with, ergonomic and durable. Above all, they provide reliable clamping forces that stand the test of time," says Håkan Carlsson, Product Manager at Hultafors.


Quick and handy or extreme clamping force? If you ask professional craftsmen about quick clamps, they usually answer that they must be quick to put into place and have enough clamping force to do the job well.

That is why Hultafors has prioritised compact and ergonomic design and durable materials ahead of maximum clamping force. This ensures that the new QCX and QC Quick Clamps are extremely easy to use and effective, while also providing enough clamping force to work securely.

"Our new QCX Quick Clamp has a neat design and an ergonomic one-handed grip with a 2-step operation, enabling you to work quickly and efficiently and ensuring access even in confined spaces. It is made from sturdy glass-reinforced nylon and has a die-cast steel rail that enables it to withstand tough conditions and maintains the clamping force over time," says Håkan Carlson.

Hultafors is also broadening its range of professional hand tools with a comprehensive series of screw clamps that have been developed according to the same principles as the quick clamps: they must be easy to use, stable and deliver reliable clamping force.

The most powerful clamp is the CM model, which is made from impact resistant malleable castings. It has a grooved rail on both sides to minimise the risk of the leg sliding when the clamp is being attached.

"The PFC Screw Clamp offers the greatest clamping force of up to 700 kg. It has a pivoting handle that can be angled to offer even better force when tightening or loosening the clamp," says Håkan Carlsson.

Hultafors QCX/QC Quick Clamps.

• Compact design and a thin, die-cast front/back to make working in confined spaces easier.
• Ergonomic grip with quick 2-stage feed and reset.
• Durable glass reinforced nylon and die-cast steel rail for extra durability.
• The prism-tracked rubber coating minimises pressure damage and increases the clamping force.
• 8 models: span: 150–600 mm, 75-95 mm.
• Clamping force up to 100-120 kg (QCX) 60-70 kg (QC).

Hultafors CF/CFP/CM Screw Clamps.

• Durable die-cast steel rail, profiled and gloss-galvanised. (CF/CFP)
• Robust rail of chrome-plated steel, grooved to prevent the leg from slipping when the clamp is being attached. (CM)
• Two-component pivoting handle for greater force when tightening and loosening. (CFP)
• The rail has thin ends, ensuring ease of use in confined spaces. (CF/CFP)
• 22 models: span: 100–500 mm, depth 50-175 mm.
• Clamping force up to 700 kg (CFP) 670 kg (CF) 500 kg (CM)

Published 07 May 2015.

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