Hultafors 2.40 folding rule is now FSC-certified

Hultafors - Ireland

At Hultafors we have been developing innovative tools to rely on for over 130 years. It all started with the invention of the folding rule that helped people transition into a new way of measuring. Now a new chapter in our story has begun, with our 2.40 folding rule being FSC®-certified.

A conscious choice

We want to help craftsmen make a more conscious choice when it comes to their hand tools. It might seem a small step for man, but we believe it’s a huge leap for our business. For us, the choice was obvious. We begin with making our latest model of folding rule, the 2.40, a more sustainable product, bringing our heritage into the future, for the next generation.

Made of certified and controlled material

The FSC label signifies that the material used for the product has been responsibly sourced. In detail it indicates that the wood has not been illegally harvested; harvested in violation of traditional and civil rights; harvested in forests where high conservation values (HCVs) are threatened; harvested in forests being converted to plantations or non-forest use or harvested in forests where genetically modified trees are planted. To learn more, visit

Successive conversion towards FSC-certified wood

The aim is that we, within three years from now, solely use FSC-certified wood in our folding rules in birch wood produced in Sweden. Today the demand of certified birch is not equal to the resources though, making the availability of FSC-certified forest limited. Until we can convert fully to FSC-certified birch wood, all the wooden material we use in the production of our folding rules in birch wood is purchased from Controlled Wood or FSC/PEFC certified suppliers.

Published 01 February 2019.

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