High-capacity chalk line distinct lines in every snap

Hultafors - Ireland

The new high-capacity chalk line from Hultafors takes reliable marking to the next level. Advanced ergonomic design combined with cutting-edge functionality makes precision marking easier than ever. Simply fill it up and snap, over and over again.


Chalk line CLP30

The easy-to-use design features a quick-release button, allowing you to pull out the line without the crank spinning.

The line is a specially braided cotton/polyester line with extremely high absorbing capacity, allowing you to snap up to 10 distinct lines before pulling it in – a task you can carry out speedily thanks to the quick-gear function, rewinding the line 3 times faster.

Built-in overload protection reduces the risk of damaging the gear mechanism and prevents the line from breaking. Everything is housed in a sturdy ABS plastic housing with large opening and a cap with bayonet joint for easy refilling. Reliable marking has never been easier. Try the new Chalk Line CLP 30 from Hultafors. Distinct lines, snapafter snap.

  • Absorbs more chalk – up to 10 distinct lines
  • Rewinds 3x faster than traditional chalk lines
  • Quick reel-out gear release
  • Overload protection

Published 14 June 2011.

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