Hultafors launches 240 cm folding rule

Hultafors - Ireland

Hultafors launches yet another original - a 240 cm long folding rule. The new tool is adapted to the current building standards and developed to further simplify the craftsman's workday.


“Many of our customers have requested a longer but still easy-to-handle folding rule adapted to full-size plasterboards and standard ceiling height,” says Per Eriksson, Product Manager at Hultafors. "There are already several 3-meter folding rules available but many craftsmen find these to be too bulky and difficult to use in an efficient way. We are therefore launching a 240 cm long version in a slender format.”


The new unique folding rule is based on Hultafors’ classic from 1883, but has been equipped with two additional sections that make it 240 cm. “Our new folding rule naturally comes with the same high quality and characteristics as the original”, says Per Eriksson. “Just as the icon from 1883, it’s made in a traditional way from downy birch and featuring joints of Swedish steel, as well as the iconic red ends.”


This is the first folding rule that has been adapted to current building standards and the only one that is 240 cm. An advantage of the new model is that when craftsmen make measurements for full-size plasterboards and standard ceiling height, for instance, they don’t have to move the folding rule. They simply reach a little further.


"Our main objective is to facilitate the craftsman's workday,” says Per Eriksson. “If you are going to make a measurement of 240 cm, you don’t need a bulky 3-meter folding rule. With our new tool, you can take full-length measures and still work smoothly and efficiently." The new, longer folding rule will be launched during the fall of 2017.

Published 25 October 2017.

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