A versatile Japanese saw knife

Hultafors - Ireland

The new Saw Knife BK-Z SB is the perfect combination of the ergonomically designed BK-Z handle and the Japanese saw blade SB-18. The result is a versatile Japanese Saw Knife that cuts on the backward stroke with a fine, clean sectional cut. The blade is retractable providing secure transportation and storage.

Hultafors Saw knife BK-Z SB Japanese


Hultafors Saw knife BK-Z SB JapaneseThe BK-Z handle combined with the saw blade SB-18 provides this flexible saw. The saw blade is made according to Japanese specifications, it cuts on the backward stroke, meaning that it can be thin and produce a fine, clean sectional cut. The BK-Z handle is ergonomically designed for maximum safety and comfort.

  • Smart designed button makes it easy to feed out and lock the blade with a single hand whilst allowing the blade to be safely fixed in position.
  • Few parts and is easy to open for cleaning and replacing blades.
  • The blade is made of SK5 carbon steel, the teeth are hardened to 60-62 HRC.
  • The blade is 0.5 mm thick and have 7 teeth per cm.

Published 28 March 2013.

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