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From the 25 July 2003, the Electronic Communications Act is valid. Under the Act, anyone who visits a web site must be informed about what cookies are used for and given the opportunity to refuse such usage.

A cookie is a small text file containing information that provides technical assistance in various ways to improve the users when visiting a website. This text file placed on web user's computer.

There are two types of cookies - permanent and temporary cookies. Hultafors' website is currently using both the temporary type, so-called session cookies and permanent cookies. When visiting the Hultafors webiste, the cookie is sent between the user's computer and Hultafors web server to include easier navigation.

The session cookie disappear after ending the visit. Permanent cookies are used to save the language settings for users and to save the user login. Password is not stored in cookies.

Permanent cookies are deleted after approximately three years. Hultafors do not store any personal information beyond the user through cookies and information about the visitor can not be traced.

The site also uses cookies to measure the number of page views and visitors for internal statistical system. The information collected is anonymous and does not contain name, email address or any other information that may be linked to a specific person.

If you do not accept cookies you can disable cookies through your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.) security settings. This means that functionality on the web site may be limited.

General information about cookies and the Electronic Communications Act is found on the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency's website.

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