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Optimal precision and performance requires tools designed specifically for the work at hand. Adhering to this tested principle, Hultafors’ concept of utility knives includes a wide range of blades engineered for specific purposes. Offering a quick and safe blade change, the concept also includes a clever spring-loaded dispenser that holds up to 10 blades.


The new range from Hultafors features six specialized blades made from selected steels that cater to different needs in different professions. In short, the Allround blade is a reliable choice for everyday cutting while the Performance blade adds longer service life and Edge brings extra sharpness.

Hook is for floor layers cutting flooring materials and Safety comes with a blunt tip to reduce stick injuries. And finally there’s Stamina, a blade made from a secret bi-metal composition designed to push the limits when it comes to sharpness and long service life – an optimal combination of maximizing performance and minimizing the ecological footprint.

Hultafors Utility Blade Guide

For a more comprehensive look on which blade that best suits you and your work, please consult the Hultafors utility blade guide.

Utility blade guide


Although it’s common for utility knives to have room for extra blades inside the knife handle, the change of blades is often quite cumbersome. To simplify this process, all new blades from Hultafors come packed in a clever spring-loaded dispenser holding up to 10 blades.

The dispenser fits inside the handles of Hultafors’ utility knives so that a sharp blade is always close at hand to improve the efficiency for the craftsmen. In addition, the dispensers are color-coded according to function (see Hultafors utility blade guide) to make it easier and less time-consuming for the craftsmen to choose the correct blade.

Store old blades for a safer work place

Used-up blades, what to do with them? A smart feature of all the Hultafors utility blade dispenser is the storage space for used blades on the back of the dispenser. This allows you to place the used blade in the back of the dispenser (partition between used and new blades), thus preventing old blades from littering the work space and causing cutting injuries.

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Choose the right blade

Hultafors’ range of blades for utility knives includes six specialized blades, catering to different needs in different professions. To find the right blade for your intended use, consult the quick guide below.

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