Tool bucket - a smarter way to carry

Hultafors - Ireland

The new Hultafors Tool Bucket is as simple as it is clever. With its smart details, ergonomic shape and comfortable handle you get a tool carrier that saves both your body and your wallet. 

The classic toolbox with room for everything often stays in the van or trailer. Instead many craftsmen pick the few tools they expect to use in a regular bucket – a simple and practical solution yet with many limitations. Big mason buckets are clunky and ergonomically bad, and used buckets that have held glue or plaster provides neither comfort, durability or a professional look.


- Since craftsman like their buckets, we saw no reason to make another toolbox. Instead we decided to take a solution that works and make it as good as possible, explains Håkan Carlsson Product Manager at Hultafors.


The result is Hultafors Tool Bucket, produced by the Hultafors product development team. A bucket made from durable PP-plastic where every detail has been shaped for functionality and ergonomics.

- Our Tool Bucket has an oblong and ergonomic shape to be smooth and easy to carry. We made the back rounded so you can carry it close to the body without bouncing into it every step, says Maria Widing, product designer at Hultafors.


The rounded shape of the Tool Bucket works great as well when you mount a shoulder strap to the holes at the sides.


- With a regular bucket the handle falls down every time you put it down. It’s especially annoying if you wear gloves. Therefore, we have made it possible to let the Tool Bucket handle remain in standing position for easy pick-up, says Maria Widing.


The smart functionality of Hultafors Tool Bucket makes it a great choice at an attractive price, and with an attractive appearance.

- Yes, we think many will appreciate a way to carry tools that also look professional. So, hopefully we can retire all those old plaster-buckets, says Håkan Carlsson, Product Manager at Hultafors.

Tool Bucket facts

  • Robust handle for comfortable carrying.
  • Handle can be put in standing position when put down.
  • Holes for attaching a shoulder strap.
  • Measuring scale on the inside.
  • Can take a burden of 100 kilograms.
  • Made of durable PP-plasti.

Hultafors Tool Bucket

Hultafors Tool Bucket is made of durable PP-plastic and ergonomically shaped. The rounded back makes carrying easy and comfortable.

Holes in the sides allow for attaching a shoulder strap and the comfortable handle can remain in standing position when the bucket is put down. The inside has a measuring scale if needed.

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