How to choose the right spirit level for you

Hultafors - Ireland

Too many spirit levels to choose from? Here’s a guide to make your choice easier.

On the market there are many makers of spirit levels. At Hultafors we like to believe our spirit levels are hard to beat. But don’t just take our word for it, go ahead and make your own comparison.

In our view, to get a good spirit level there are some important aspects you should consider.


Start with the vials and make sure you get block vials that are unbreakable. Luminescent reflector and magnifying lense are important features to provide high legibility in all light conditions.

You want to make sure the vials are unaffected by cold temperature or static electricity.


An indication of the quality is the value of manufacturing tolerance. Tolerance should be specified for levelling in both normal and reverse position.


The profile weight should be over 500g/m to guarantee strength. Yet, still look out for shock-absor bing rubber end caps that will protect it if you drop it.


Last but not least, make sure you choose a spirit level with a sensitivity rate that suits your task at hand. A sensitivity rate of 10mm/m is the optimal allround spirit level. Certain tasks call for a more specialized tool, such as mounting a door frame. For such work we recommend a level with a higher sensitivity rate, 1mm/m or 2 mm/m which will give you the precision to achieve perfection.

To find a spirit level that ticks all the boxes – just pick up one from Hultafors.

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