Sledges you can rely on

Hultafors - Ireland

Powerful heads and strong shafts.

Sleges you can rely onOur sledges are made to handle tough conditions. They are forged in high-grade steel that is tempered in order to be extra durable, which in turn increases user safety. The shafts are made from strong and flexible American-grown hickory wood or fibreglass.

Hickory is a strong and flexible wood that has long been used to make various types of shaft. Fibreglass shafts afford a greater level of safety and an extended service life.

However, it's also important that sledges are used in the right way. Most important of all is that you do not strike a sledge against another piece of tempered steel! If a splinter were to come off as the result of such a strike, it may have the same effect as if a bullet had been fired from a small calibre gun. To protect your vision, you should always wear protective goggles whenever you use your sledge.

Also remember not to store your sledge near to any heat sources as there is a danger that the wood may shrink, causing the head to come loose.

The right strike.

Our sledge range includes sledges for wood, stone/rock and metal. Choosing the right sledge with the right head will make your work both safer and more efficient.

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