ATLE pulls out nails like no-one else

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ATLE is our efficient and user-friendly nail puller. Despite its compact size it can easily pull out 5-inch nails. Use it to draw out nails with the head buried deep in the wood or when the nail head is off.

ATLE is not the newest tool in our assortment, but it has probably gone under the radar for many professional users. But in fact, it’s a tool that would make a lot of carpenters’ work days easier.

How ATLE works

ATLE is equipped with two screws, one on top and one on the back. The screw on top is adjustable which makes pulling the nails easier. The screw on the back is suitable to use in narrow spaces. Thanks to its compact design it fits in any tool box or bucket. Use it together with your hammer and pull using the claw.

Renovating much?

If you are spending a lot of time renovating or like to re-use wood, ATLE will save you a lot of precious time. Using the nail puller makes the work with clearing used wood from nails much easier and efficient. Also, if you happen to misplace a hammer strike or two and the nail bends, ATLE can be very useful when removing the nail.

Make it last longer

ATLE is made of steel and will probably last for a lifetime, if used as intended. Since we added ATLE to our assortment we have improved it with new, more durable screws used for pulling the nails; both on the top and back. To further ensure durability the claw is hardened. We recommend only to use it together with your hammer and hammer claw, not the wrecking bar to make sure it can continue to pull out nails for a long time.

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Nail Puller ATLE

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