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Damaging vibrations generated in the hammer head can be transferred to the handle and your hand. This vibration energy can be dampened by breaking and reflecting the shockwave before it reaches the back end of the hammer.

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By gauging muscle activity using electromyography (EMG), Hultafors has shown that the heavier a hammer is, the more strain it puts on the muscles. Other studies have shown that muscle activity increases if the handle needs to be held very tightly.

Measuring EMG muscle activityBy keeping the total weight of the hammer to a minimum and adjusting the size and shape of the handle, the risk of strain injuries can be reduced.

Because a light hammer can be swung faster than a heavy one, it puts less strain on the body without compromising work efficiency. To protect your body, always select as light a hammer as possible according to the work situation.

How does a hammer-blow affect the body?

Imagecaption=Overloading the muscles can result in tennis elbow.A swing of a hammer uses all kinds of muscle groups, all the way from the shoulder to the hand. Overloading the muscles can result in inflammation of particularly vulnerable muscle joints. Tennis elbow (epicondylitis) is just such an inflammation.

Hand movement is controlled by the muscles in the forearm. These muscles are joined to the fingers by tendons. The tendons, along with nerves, run through a narrow passage in the wrist called the carpal tunnel.

When using a hammer, the tendons rub against one another and against other surrounding tissue. A long working session can result in an inflammatory swelling, which in turn imposes dangerous pressure on the nerves.Imagecaption=Inflammatory swelling can turn into carpal tunnel syndrome.

This is called carpal tunnel syndrome, and often requires surgery. The pain is noticed in the hand either immediately, several hours later, or even after several days.

Select the right size.

An ergonomically sound handle is one that has been designed so that the size, shape, grip-pattern and material all give the right amount of friction and allows a relaxed grip. By choosing the right size of hammer and handle, the user reduces strain on the muscles and tendons. Hultafors hammer TC outside

When developing hammers, we always aim to minimise strain on the user's body, without compromising on work efficiency. No hammer can ever undo any damage already done, and no manufacturer can ever guarantee that strain injuries will never arise.

"As an ergonomist, I specialise in working with people's abilities and limitations. The risk of occupational injuries is particularly great if you hold the tool firmly, work for long periods and adopt unsuitable stances.

Imagecaption=Olle Bobjer, Ergonomist at Ergonomi & DesigngruppenParts of the body that are particularly vulnerable are the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder.

It is good that there are tools that can withstand heavy work while at the same time putting less strain on the user."

We have shafts in a veriety of materials - made from hickory, steel or fibreglass. The steel shafts all have a ribbed rubber handle to provide the best possible grip.

A carpenter's hammer that is kind to your body.

 A carpenter's hammer that is kind to your body

  1. Optimal angle and shape of striking face.
  2. Forged in one piece and steel handle with I-profile for improved durability.
  3. Ergonomically designed handle in two sizes, Large and X-Large.
  4. Thin, strong claw that makes it easier to access without leaving marks. Rounded edges to avoid personal injury and damage to your clothes.
  5. Urethane plug that cushions the shockwave and reduces harmful vibrations in the handle.
  6. Furrowed rubber handle with distinct end stop for optimal grip.

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