A rule with many names

Hultafors - Ireland

The switch from inches to metric scale might bring about a change of name

There’s a Swedish proverb saying that “a loved child has many names.” The folding rule is no exception. In Swedish it’s commonly referred to as a “tumstock”, an inch rule. Yet, since the scale used nowadays is metric, some argue it should be called “meterstock”, a meter rule. However, old names tend to stick.

Feel free to call it what you like, we are happy you enjoy using it.

The red end

The red end of the Hultafors folding rule has long been the sign of a true pro. Since its invention in 1883 our folding rule has changed how work trousers are sewn. And to this day it’s the craftsman’s first choice for measuring.

When you are a pro. You know.

This is how we make them

In the folding rule factory, in Hultafors Sweden, we make our classic folding rule. The model 59, in downy birch with red painted ends. All parts are made locally by a skilled and efficient workforce.

See your folding rule being made

First we build the machines

When you invent something there is nobody to follow, no parts to order. At Hultafors we have always taken pride in making everything ourselves.

We have always made our own machinery

Pick the right material

Apart from making our classic wooden folding rule we also offer folding rules made from aluminium and fiberglass.

Birch, aluminium or fiberglass?

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