When you are pro.
You know.

The red end of the Hultafors folding rule has long been the sign of a true pro. Since its invention in 1883 our folding rule has changed how work trousers are sewn. And to this day it’s the craftsman’s first choice for measuring.

More than 130 years of precision

We made it longer.

40 cm to be exact.

Folding rule 240 cm
It is time for duel in the folding rule factory in Hultafors.

First we build the machines

Our own-built machines

This is how we make them

Production of folding rules

Pick the right material

Birch, aluminium or fiberglass?
It is time for a second duel in the folding rule factory, this time blind-folded.

Names tend to stick

In Swedish the folding rule is mostly referred to as a “tumstock”, meaning “inch rule”. This has been considered confusing since Swedes nowadays mostly rely on the metric scale.

Same name with inches and metric scale?

Choose the right material for your folding rule: Birch, fiberglass or aluminium

  • Birch

    Our classic folding rule in birch with red ends. Precision and feeling in perfect union. Just as you want it.

  • Fiberglass

    A folding ruler of fiberglass can withstand the weather for a long time. Therefore, it is favoured by those who work in wet environments.

  • Aluminium

    Anyone who welds or works near heat or solvents often chooses our folding rule made of aluminum.