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Reliable tools require reliable materials. Our knives are therefore made from tested quality materials that provide sharpness, precision, strength, safety and comfort – every day at work. 

The blades on the knives designed for the toughest conditions, such as Outdoor Knife OK1 and OK4, are made from Japanese SK5 steel. This steel has a high carbon content, which makes the steel hard but not brittle and thus easy to sharpen.

The kind of steel we use for our knives as well as the thickness of the blades depends on the knife’s intended, specific use. Knives designed to be used in wet or moist environments feature a rust-protective electrophoretic deposition coating to withstand corrosion.


Our knives are fully developed and designed in Hultafors, Sweden, and manufactured by our long-time exclusive Asian partner. In Asia, the steel is hardened and sharpened under our direction – a successful collaboration that’s been going on for more than 10 years and that has produced millions of hardwearing knives with excellent precision for specific work.


We love making high-quality products. But how do you really know that the products we make are truly great? By listening to the users, of course. Our knives have been the subject of many independent tests across the world – and have gotten rave reviews! We are very happy about this since it shows once again that in the end hard work does pay off.

Foto: © Fredrik Telléus

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