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Hultafors - Ireland

Hultafors’ durable craftsman’s knives are engineered specifically to how craftsmen actually work. To find the right knife for you and your intended use, consult the quick guide below.

Electrical fitter’s knives

The thin blade, the sharpening of the edge and the unique handle design make Electrical fitter’s knife optimized for cable stripping. Make sure to pick the correct one for right- or left-handed persons.

· ELK Right-handed · ELK-L Left-handed

Heavy duty and Chisel knives

These are powerful and durable knives that can be used for most jobs that require prying, breaking and chiselling various materials.

· Heavy duty knive GK · Chisel knive STK

Painter's knife

Painter's knife is a triple-function tool. First and foremost, it is a knife, but it is also a screwdriver and a can opener.

Painter's Knife MK

Rescue knife

Made for usage in tough and wet conditions, Rescue knife features a serrated edge, Santoprene friction grip and stainless steel blade with a blunt tip.

Rescue knife OKR GH

Outdoor knives

Hardwearing and robust, our outdoor knives come with a 3.0 mm extra thick Scandi grind blade made from hardened carbon steel. EPD-coated blade for maximum rust protection.

· Outdoor knife OK1 · Outdoor knife OK4 · Fire steel FS

Precision knife

The Precision knife’s narrow blade gives you all the control and precision you need when carving and cutting in spaces with limited access.

Precision knife PK GK

Rope knife

Cutting rope and strapping band is easy with Rope knife, which is equipped with a serrated blade that has a biting sharpness made to cut through hard and tough surfaces.

Rope knife RKR GH

Plumber's knife

As plumbers frequently need to remove burrs from pipes, Plumber's knife features an integrated file on one side of the blade.

Plumber's knife VVS

More to explore

Cutting-edge material and manufacturing

Reliable tools require reliable materials. Our knives are therefore made from tested quality materials that provide sharpness, precision, strength, safety and comfort – every day at work.

Reliable tools require reliable materials

Knives for skilled craftsmen

When we started developing our craftsman's knives a long time ago, we got help from the real experts – professional craftsmen. We studied what they did, listened to what they wanted and identified their needs.

Knives designed for specific professions

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