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Hultafors - Ireland

Below Hultafors' history is briefly presented.

1883 Hilmer Kollén starts the Swedish Measurement and Folding Rule factory on Folkungagatan in Stockholm.
1901 Hultafors triangle KHJKThe trademark is registered. The founder's initials, KHJK, are engraved in an equilateral triangle.
1907 His son Joel Kollén takes over the operation and moves the factory to Hultafors.
Imagecaption=Employees at Hultafors 01.04.1908
1925 The company is given the name Hultafors AB.

A more fireproof factory is constructed. The reduction in fire insurance premiums pays for the construction.

Imagecaption=Production of folding rules from the past.

1965 The first totally automatic machine for the assembly of folding rules is put into operation.
1975 The third generation of the Kollén family retires. The company is sold to the Almedahl Group.
1978 The product range is complemented with tape measures.
1980 Aluminium folding ruleThe purchase of Mellösaverken AB provides production equipment for aluminium folding rules.
1982 Glassfibre folding ruleThe acquisition of Danish company Danfiber Aps adds folding rules made of fibreglass-reinforced polyamide.
1983 Hultafors turns 100 and is the overwhelming leader in measurement tools in the Nordic region.
1992 Hultafors Tor hammare Tors Hammare, including Hults Bruk, is acquired.
1992 Cooperation is formalized with level manufacturer Sola in Austria, and with tape measure manufacturer Fisco in Great Britain.
1992 Seville 1992 HultaforsHultafors participates and represents Sweden during the world exhibition in Seville.
2002 Dansk Stålindustri is acquired.
2003 German folding rule manufacturer Präsident is acquired.
2005 Hultafors talmeter oldHultafors acquires the company behind the TALMETER marking measure - T A Ljungberg.
2005 Hultafors acquires Wibe Ladders AB. Imagecaption=Hultafors Group with Wibe Ladders, Snickers Workwear and Hultafors.
2006 Hultafors acquires Snickers Workwear.
2006 Hultafors Group is created as an umbrella group for Hultafors, Wibe Ladders and Snickers Workwear.
2008 Hultafors acquires Fisco Tools Ltd.
2008 Production in Eskilstuna is shut down and moved to China.
2011 Hultafors Group AB is created and becomes the parent company that owns Hultafors, Wibe Ladders and Snickers Workwear.

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