More than 130 years of Swedish innovation

Hultafors - Ireland

Karl Hilmer Johansson KollénIt all started in 1883 when a young engineer, Karl-Hilmer Johansson Kollén, invented a measuring device that would facilitate Sweden's conversion to the metric system.

Through his inventiveness, the measurement device was developed into what would be the folding rule – an innovation that has constituted the backbone of Hultafors tools ever since.

Even up to the 1970s, our product range was characterised by traditional measuring tools made of wood; for example timber measurers, shop measurers and handicraft measurers. Later, the range grew to include new tools made of other materials. There were squares, tape measures and over time, folding rules made of plastic and aluminium.

Hultafors tape measures

Since the early 1980s Hultafors has grown dramatically and developed into an international brand. This is a result of our long-term efforts to grow by leading product development and making acquisitions. In the early 1990s we acquired Tors Hammare and expanded our range of tools to include axes, hammers, sledgehammers and prybars. In addition, the purchase included Hults Bruk, whose roots date back to 1697.

Hultafors wrecking bar 109

One decade into the 21st century our aggressive expansion has continued with acquisitions such as Dansk Stålindustri, German folding rule manufacturer Präsident and Fisco Tools in England. And not least the Swedish companies Wibe Ladders and Snickers Workwear, adding two strong brands for ladders and work wear that contributed to the formation of the Hultafors Group. Today, Hultafors products are well-known in markets worldwide.

Hultafors is a part of Hultafors Group AB which gives us the power and resources to keep innovating the hand tool industry. Ultimately making the workday easier for hard-working craftsmen all over the world.

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