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Hultafors - Ireland

Hultafors has developed reliable tools for over 130 years. Do you want to be a part of creating our (hi)story?

At Hultafors our most important task is to offer discerning craftsmen reliable tools. We are passionate about developing new products. So passionate that when we believe in an idea we give it 100%. We control the production chain from idea and development to production and launch. In other words, there are many ways of becoming a part of our team.

Hultafors is a part of Hultafors Group, developing innovative workwear, durable tools, and personal protective equipment with the aim of giving professional users the best possible function, safety, protection and efficiency at work.

Meet our employees

We asked a few of our colleagues to tell us what their favourite tool is.

  • Per Eriksson, Product & RnD Manager

    Per Eriksson works as product manager at Hultafors. His favourite tool is Wrecking Bar Steel Adjustable 209 SB. Why? Because it is a product further developed against all odds.

    "The simple reason is that it is a great example of how to further develop products that you already believed were fully developed. Who thought it was possible to develop a classic wrecking bar into something new and ground-breaking? By basing the development on the actual needs of the users, taking part in their reality to see and understand what challenges there are, it is obvious that everything can be improved. The adjustable wrecking bar is just one of several examples of this but it's definitely my favourite tool! Last summer when we carried out a major rebuilding in our house from the 30's, the wrecking bar was really tested properly. Solid wooden walls in real heartwood were assembled with over-sized nails in combination with hard-to-reach areas. The wrecking bar was invaluable! And thanks to the ergonomic design, no one was injured during the work."

    Check out the SB 209

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