Snap-off knives with a curved fin

A favourite among carpet fitters.

Hultafors is expanding its range of knives with snap-off blades as four new models join the product line-up, each with a curved fin at the end.

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The Classic Wooden Folding Rule

A craftsman's best friend.

The red ends, the blond downy birch and the characteristic smoothness of the joints. Launched in 1883, our classic folding rule has long since reached legendary status.

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Fibreglass Folding Rules

Our folding rules made of fibreglass offer a good resistance to moisture and have become the favourite choice among those who work in wet environments.

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Choose a hammer that is kind to your body

A really good hammer just feels right. It has the weight and balance that keeps your hand strong and steady, allowing you to work without increasing or transferring unwanted vibrations and stress to your body.

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Hultafors Hand Tools for pros

We offer a wide selection of hand tools for all types of professional craftsmanship. Our assortment is under constant development and we continue to push the limits by developing innovative tools made of sustainable materials.

Surrounded by laser

With a major focus on user-friendliness and high precision, Hultafors is now expanding its laser range. Some of the significant new products include green lasers and a smart distance measurer with Bluetooth connectivity.

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"Woodwork was my favourite subject and it felt natural to work with my hands."

The smell of wood is striking in the joinery workshop of cabinet-maker Mikael Seppänen. Here, large industrial saws stand side by side with classic tools.

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Saws with precision in every cut

Hultafors offers a complete range of saw models, combining high quality materials, ergonomic design and the latest grinding technologies.

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Complete range offer of knives

Did you know that Hultafors has a complete knife range which includes craftsmen's knives, utility knives, and snap-off knives?

Ever since we started developing knives, we have asked for help from the real pro’s – the experienced craftsmen. We learned that craftsmen use knives in different ways and that is why we have developed several different models and blades for specific purposes and tasks.

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A new classic.

The next generation of markers.

With our Dry-Marker we have put extra attention to details. Its shape is the perfect match of the traditional carpenter’s pencil and the classic school pencil. The design with refill lead extend the usage of the pencil and makes it last longer. It’s a pencil to rely on, and it helps you to work in a more sustainable way.

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  • Demolish with quality

    When working on ripping out windows or room furnishings, it is important that you choose a tool that is as easy to handle as possible. In such instances, a wrecking bar is exactly what you need.


New screw clamps.

Hultafors introduces screw clamps. Sturdy and neat with good grip for easy use with substantial clamping force.

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