Hultafors Hand Tools for pros

We offer a wide selection of hand tools for all types of professional craftsmanship. Our assortment is under constant development and we continue to push the limits by developing innovative tools made of sustainable materials.

Precise, fast and durable.

The new rafter square from Hultafors provides solid precision and great versatility for a highly efficient workday.

Discover our new Rafter Square

"Woodwork was my favourite subject and it felt natural to work with my hands."

The smell of wood is striking in the joinery workshop of cabinet-maker Mikael Seppänen. Here, large industrial saws stand side by side with classic tools.

Meet cabinet-maker Mikael Seppänen

Level up!

Stronger design. Easier reading.

For professional craftsmen a great spirit level is a vital tool for a job well done. A workhorse you need to rely on to make sure you deliver high quality work.

Precision tools for professional use

Plaster square adapted to today’s standards

Only real professionals know what professionals need.

That’s why we’ve listened to our users who have given us feedback that they want a 900mm long plaster square.

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Short tape measure

Get it right on the first mark.

Our collection of short tape measures are all approved EU Class 1. They come in lengths of 3, 5 and 8 meters. High impact cases made of durable ABS plastic and with a distinct brake causing no blade movement. They are small enough to fit in your pocket and comes with a precision you can rely on.

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“I think figuring out solutions is the most inspiring work of all.”

Rick van der Bult has always had an interest in seeing things come together. Combined with his interest in music he has managed to create a career in designing and building music studios.

Meet carpenter Rick van der Bult

The sharpest choice

Meet our snap-off range.

We are launching a complete range with knives and blades for the professional craftsman’s daily tasks. Which one will be your favourite?

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Complete range offer of knives

Did you know that Hultafors has a complete knife range which includes craftsmen's knives, utility knives, and snap-off knives?

Ever since we started developing knives, we have asked for help from the real pro’s – the experienced craftsmen. We learned that craftsmen use knives in different ways and that is why we have developed several different models and blades for specific purposes and tasks.

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Sustainable choice

By choosing this product, you help to take care of the world’s forests.

Our story started over 130 years ago with our founder’s ground-breaking invention of the folding rule, helping people transition into a new way of measuring. Now it’s time to begin a new chapter in our story.

FSC Certified 2.40

A new classic.

The next generation of markers.

With our Dry-Marker we have put extra attention to details. Its shape is the perfect match of the traditional carpenter’s pencil and the classic school pencil. The design with refill lead extend the usage of the pencil and makes it last longer. It’s a pencil to rely on, and it helps you to work in a more sustainable way.

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  • Demolish with quality

    When working on ripping out windows or room furnishings, it is important that you choose a tool that is as easy to handle as possible. In such instances, a wrecking bar is exactly what you need.


New screw clamps.

Hultafors introduces screw clamps. Sturdy and neat with good grip for easy use with substantial clamping force.

Check out our new screw clamps!